what is mere mortals?

A powerful gift to the people we love.

A brave gift to ourselves.

Mere Mortals is a free and accessible tool that helps us to be more pro-active about preparing for death. This honors ourselves and also the people that we love who want to do their best to respect our wishes. We are all going to die. Some of us know it's coming soon and others of us may die suddenly. In a culture that's not the best about honest conversations about death, Mere Mortals is a way to just be honest about what you want and don't want when you die. And it’s done in a narrative format that adds a much more personal document to needed wills or advanced medical directives. It is a downloadable template to adapt in any way you need, along with 3 simple videos that offer more guidance to consider. The goal--anyone can create a Mere Mortals template for family and friends.


3 Accessible videos - CLICK TO WATCH

#1 - talking about

death - 13 minutes

Talking about death and why it matters to do this work while we are able to on behalf of ourselves and the people we love

#2 - The mere mortals Template - 30 minutes

A simple adaptable tool to share what we want (and don't want) in a personal narrative that helps people navigating details after death.

#3 - we have

options - 30 minutes

Learn more about options beyond traditional burial or fire cremation as well as dying with dignity options that are available in some states.

The mere mortals template

This simple template is available in Google Drive to copy and adapt in any way you need. It's not a legal document. It's not a will or an advanced medical directive. It is what you want when you die so that the people in your life won't have to guess. Some questions won't apply--delete them. Add what might be missing. Use it in whatever works for you. The most important thing is--do it, put it somewhere safe and accessible for your people and update it if something changes. It can be a working document.

Working together to grow together
Working together to grow together

Yes, I'd love to learn more about hosting a Mere Mortals workshop

host a mere mortals workshop in person or virtually

For small groups, organizations, families, faith communities, friends,

We're glad to make this material accessible virtually for anyone who wants to access it, but we also know that it helps so much to be with other people learning, and considering together. We're always up for coming out for a Mere Mortals: Life and Death Considerations Workshop for your group of any size or hosting something virtually to walk through the basics in real-time.

About us

Kathy Escobar

Community Cultivator & Co-Founder of The Refuge and #communityheals

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Jo Douglas

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Becky Davis

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additional resources


This simple format for an advanced medical directive that is legally binding in most states and doesn't require a notorized signature

being mortal

An excellent read centered on end-of-life considerations, aging, medical treatment, and more.

simple wills

For people who don't have complicated assets, these inexpensive templates don't require a lawyerr


Find out what options are out there, even if they aren’t available in your state.